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About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’m Kristina, founder and face behind Flowers By Kristina. 

My love of flowers started when I was a little girl growing up in South Africa, we were surrounded by the most wonderful flowers; and as well as the usual flower pressing and petal perfume making, I vividly remember asking to go to the cosmos fields at any given opportunity to marvel at their height and beauty. Cosmos are still one of my favourite flowers to work with to this day. 

Moving to England, I followed my love of textiles and studied Fashion and Marketing at Leeds University. Following University, and a year travelling, office life left me unfulfilled. I would spend my Sunday mornings visiting Columbia Road flower market to fill our house with beautiful blooms but it was only when I started to plan my own wedding that this little floristry dream was ignited. Seeing how flowers could be uniquely personal and transform a venue, giving so much joy to guests and us alike, was a life changing moment for me. I remember watching my lovely florist setting up the day before and thinking ‘I want to do that’. So, after breaking the news to my husband on our honeymoon… I jumped in with both feet first!

Relaxed bouqet held by wedding florist
wedding florist holding a huge bunch of flowers and foliage

Fast forward a couple of years and after lots of wonderful training, blood, sweat and a few tears, here I am with a wonderful, thriving floristry business, supporting awesome couples through their own floral journeys. I just feel so lucky to do what I do. 


When I’m not transforming venues, I have two little boys, Oscar and Wilbur, who are at the heart of everything I do. I want them to follow their dreams when they get older so they can be as happy ‘at work’ as I am. Life really is too short to be unhappy isn’t it.

Anyway, enough about me, I just can’t wait to hear all about you guys and your wedding plans. Get in touch and let’s go on a floral adventure together!

Kristina x

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