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The Joy of a Spring Wedding

Whether you are in the throws of planning a spring wedding or simply toying with idea of it, spring as a season, holds an exciting air of real optimism and hope. After winter, there is hope for warmer, brighter days ahead. And optimism for signs of new life, as buds pop through once frozen ground and empty fields are filled with bouncy lambs. Yes, there is often still a chill in the air and a light frost on the morning grass, but it is a sign of things to come.

It is also, traditionally, the start of the wedding season here in the UK.

A wedding anytime between March and Early May is considered a 'spring wedding'. And although the temperatures can vary considerably between the beginning and end of the season, the traditional 'spring wedding' themes tend to run through the months beautifully.

Colour Schemes

So where to start with colour schemes? Ive put together some beautiful ideas for a spring wedding colour scheme. The kind I really love to work with!

Soft Pastels

We have to start here! Soft blush pinks, a hint of pale peach and lots of white and ivory tones make this soft pastel colour scheme ooze a certain kind of luxury romance. Soft silk ribbons and tapered candles go hand in hand with this colour scheme. Playful, discreet and classic make this a really timeless colour scheme.

Spring Brights

Want to inject some colour into your venue and day? Then spring brights the way to go. Hints of purple and coral really lift this colour scheme and make it all things bright and beautiful. The colour scheme works brilliantly in marquees and other 'blank spaces' as the colour combinations really do add instant impact and personality. Pops of colour nestled amongst foliage and softer tones is a really popular trend for Spring and against a white wedding dress you really can't beat it!

Something Blue

I absolutely love a pop of blue. Blue is difficult to get right with flowers but for me a pale blue delphinium nestled into your flowers is magic. It works well mixed into lots of different colour schemes and ticks the 'something blue' box. Not to be hugely stereotypical but I also think the groom and groomsmen appreciate a touch of blue in buttonholes. If you're not keen on committing to blue flowers a soft blue silk ribbon around your bouquet is a lovely finish too!

A Pop of Yellow

I couldn't write about spring colour schemes without mentioning yellow, the iconic colour of spring and Easter. The choice of flowers available in yellow tones is vast which allows for lots of different textures and tones to really pull the look together. Personally, I think less is more with yellow tones but bright pops of buttery yellow in amongst softer tones has a really beautiful and bright feel to it. It's a surefire way of really embracing and celebrating a springtime wedding.

My Favourite Flowers of the Season

Where to start! The British flower growers are just starting out their year in spring so it's a really lovely time to incorporate some locally grown blooms into your flowers and this is something most fabulous wedding florists will want to do, and most importantly be able to do. British grown blooms add such wonderful scent and texture it's something worth chatting to your florist about.

So back to my favourite Spring flowers. I absolutely love incorporating the following spring flowers into my work;

  • Ranunculus - the most glorious, layered and fluffy flowers. Available in lots of different colours, they are a must for a spring wedding.

  • Anenome - I adore this delicate flower especially, the white variety with the almost black middle. They can add so much interest to your arrangements.

  • Tulip - one of the most well renowned spring flowers. Available in a variety of different colour and tones. There are also new varieties which are really fun and give a new, modern edge to an old favourite, such as the parrot and doubles.

  • Hellebore - A beautiful floppy bloom, full of character and beauty.

  • Sweetpea - Another stalwart of springtime, the beautiful sweetpea is available in lots of colours. With it's butterfly shaped petals and lovely smell its a firm favourite.

  • Lilac - Beautiful lilac also smells as good as it looks. The different pastel shades are so well suited to spring and a laid back, cottage garden, style weddings.

Below from left to right, ranunculus, hellabore, sweetpeas, lilac, tulips, anenome

I hope this has given you a good starting point for your spring wedding flowers and coming up with an overall colour scheme. It is such a beautiful and special time of year to get married you'll be spoilt for choice on options.

If you do need a florist for your wedding, drop me a message and we can chat through all things floral before I put together a lovely personalised quote for you.


Kristina x

Images from Pinterest

I have saved some of my favourite spring flower inspiration here;

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