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What Flowers Will be in Season For Your Wedding Day? Month by Month Guide

There is something really wonderful about a British grown flower, the scent and movement is unbeatable. And how wonderful to know that your wedding flowers have been grown locally, with passion, rather than simply mass produced for profit thousands of miles away.

I also really believe in supporting the wonderful flower growers we have in the UK. It's an industry which is going from strength to strength and there are now wonderful local flowers available for most of the year. Of course, good old British weather means winter weddings are a little more tricky to make entirely from British flowers but not impossible with a simple white and green theme. And we still have the option to add colour using high quality, carefully chosen imported flowers. However, from late April through to October varieties and colours available are exciting and beautiful.

Read below to see what British flowers are available month by month.


Still cold and dark in the UK means locally grown flowers are fairly sparse. We can use imported flowers and most florists will do this over winter but there are still some foliage and blooms grown in the UK which shouldn’t be ignored. Colour wise white blooms and green foliage are the best bet if you're going for an all British grown wedding

Flowers in Season;

Eryngium, Viburnum, Daffodils, Alstromeria, Snowdrops


Things are starting to look a little bit brighter for flower growers and there are some British flowers which can be used for a February wedding all of which nod towards the hope of spring.

Flowers in Season;

Hellabore, Anenome, Iris, Hyacinths


A month which marks change from sparse availability of British flowers to an abundance of beautiful blooms. Still not a huge variety of flower choices but the colours and availability of the few blooms shows the promise of spring.

Flowers in Season;

Tulips, Snakeshead Fritillary, Allium, Freesia


Spring has sprung! Longer days and the promise of warmer days means the British flower growers have some really exciting florals available. Ranunculus and anenomes are beautiful and often used in spring weddings as hero flowers.

Flowers in Season;

Honesty, Anenome, Ranunculus, Stock, Sweet William


Things are starting to get exciting in the British floral world! After the last frosts and the bright tulips of April, the May colour palette adds blues and purples. Most importantly, May marks the beginning of peony season, if you are getting married in May it’s hard to resist these blowsy blooms.

Flowers in Season;

Lilac, Delphinium, Foxglove, Peony


June marks the height of choice. June brides have so many varieties and colours to choose from, such an exciting time for florists and growers alike. A fully ‘British Grown’ wedding is possible in the peak of summer. Most importantly peonies are available and roses begin flowering.

Flowers in Season;

Cornflower, Ammi, Knautia, Astrantia, Rose, Delphinium


Mid summer continues to provide an abundance of gorgeous blooms in lots of colours, July brides really do have so much choice. Roses and peonies continue to bloom and most importantly this month dahlia season begins.

Flowers in Season;

Verbena, Achillea, Dahlia, Oriental Poppy, Rose, Sunflower


Flower abundance continues, flowers are still bright with pastels now available and there is still a wide range of flower types to choose from.

Flowers in Season;

Snapdragon, Amaranthus, Hypericum, Aster, Phlox


As Autumn draws in the British flowers continue to hold strong. Dahlias are still blooming and continue to take centre stage in wedding flowers with the huge range of colours available. Hydrangeas also come into season and are statement flowers. Chysanthemums also shouldn’t be underestimated... they’ve come a long way since the 80’s!

Flowers in Season;

Cosmos, Strawflower, Scabious, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea


Colder, shorter days mean a change in availability from British growers. October normally means the end of the season for many growers with first frosts at some point during the month. Until the frost chysanthemums and dahlias will continue to bloom.

Flowers in Season;

Eucalyptus, Rosehips, Physalis, Asters

November & December

Things start to slow down with British growers but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some lovely final flowers and foliage still available. The flowers and foliage available work so well with winter themes. You may have to rely on imported flowers for the blooms for winter weddings but British foliage shouldn’t be a problem.

Flowers in Season;

Eryngium, Ivy, Rosemary, Honesty Seed Heads, Juniper, Pussy Willow, Skimmia

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